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  • Portrayal Of Cabin Crew Over The Years In Books, Movies and Television Series | WOC

    The dawn of cinema happened just about the same time man first took flight, so it's no doubt airplanes and aviators have been a frequent theme throughout film history. Despite the case, movies, books and television series toils best when we, flight attendants can recount to them. When we can see ourselves on screen or reflect back to a similar experience, it’s nearly as if the director is telling our life story.

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  • Cabin crew life, what was I thinking? | WOC

    When I was planning to join a major airline as a cabin crew 4 years back, I had certain 'conceptions' about what my life is going to be like. The conceptions & expectations were largely affected by media's portrayal & society's perceptions. Of course I knew all of them will not hold true, but six months down the lane it hit me how wide the discrepancies between the expectations I had v/s the reality were. While some are the obvious ones, some not so much.

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  • How Flight Attendants Can Beat Jetlag | WOC

    Exhaustion, delirium and insomnia – we’ve all struggled with jet-lag after enduring a long-haul flight.For flight attendants, this is  a regular occurrence. It is not easy for us to get into a routine when traveling and when your career requires more time in transit than anything else, it’s even more challenging. But not impossible! Here are my top tips as to how flight attendants should maintain sleep cycle and beat jetlag.

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  • ‘Caught on Camera’: The Latest Epidemic Plaguing Airline Industry | WOC

    Southwest Airlines, which once encouraged us to fly its "friendly skies," is now in jeopardy of becoming the air carrier that says: "Do what we say or we'll beat you up or drag you out of the plane.”

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  • What passengers would love from cabin crew? | WOC

    Cabin Crew have winning smiles, perfect hair and the patience of a saint. They have to deal with all sorts of passengers,from inconsiderate parents to saucy holidaymakers trying to join the mile high club . We've read enough about what cabin crew really wish passengers to do. Have you ever wondered what passengers would love from cabin crew ? we've gone out of our way to find out what that is.

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  • Which Layover Should You Bid For Basis Your Zodiac Sign | WOC

    There are so many places to see in the world and sometimes narrowing down which place to visit first can be quite confusing. So, let's make it a little easier and let the stars guide your way! If not for a layover, then for a holiday. Scroll away to find your ideal spot.

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  • 5 Things Only People Dating Crew Know | WOC

    This is for all those people who've dated Cabin Crew at some point. Or even those who are curious.

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  • Best Vintage Flight Attendant Uniforms | WOC

    From runway chic to psychedelic space cadet, flight attendants have worn a staggering variety of outfits in nearly nine decades in the air. Uniforms were mandatory from the get-go, with the first flight attendants in the 1930s wearing reassuringly nurse-like kit to inspire confidence in plane passengers. Since then, uniforms over the years have woven together aviation history and vintage fashion, with female attendants regularly being at the forefront of popular imaginatio

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  • Must Have Items For Cabin Crew | WOC

    Round up of some of the must have things for cabin crew while traveling & generally in life. From physical things to apps, this list covers it all.

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