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Exclusive Brunch Offers For Flight Attendants in Dubai

World Of Crew has joined forces with the fast growing website InBrunch to make sure Flight Attendants enjoy the best deals on brunches.

How InBrunch works

Our goal is to ensure that every meal, for all our users, is a great experience. The process is quite simple really, all you have to do is search for a brunch you like, create an event, invite your friends and then let them confirm their attendance by selecting their preferred package and confirming their seat by completing their booking.

What are WOC users’ benefits?

  1. From 15 to 50% discount
  2. A fix number of spots exclusively reserved only for the cabin crews

How to claim the offers

  1. Select your brunch on World Of Crew the app
  2. Go on the link and register as a Inbrunch user
  3. Book at a discounted price
  4. In case you can’t book contact directly your WOC partner +971 55 604 2535​⁠​

Coming Brunches For Crews In Dubai

  • Dubai-UAE-Catch

  • Dubai-UAE-Cocktail-Kitchen

  • Dubai-UAE-Imperium

  • Dubai-UAE-Level-Seven

  • Dubai-UAE-Media-Okku

  • Dubai-UAE-Media-one

  • Dubai-UAE-Mina-a-salam

  • Dubai-UAE-Mint-leaf-of-london

  • Dubai-UAE-Palazzo-Versace

  • Dubai-UAE-Ruth-Chris

  • Dubai-UAE-Sass-cafe

  • Dubai-UAE-Zoco

  • Dubai-UAE-table-9



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