[Crew to Follow] – CrewControl – Part 2 | WOC

CrewControl is back on World Of Crew! As promised, this week we reveal more untold secrets about CrewControl.

In this edition, we bring to you the uncut version of the interview with CCL. So, let’s find out how the band works together despite living in different countries, and how has the band evolved over time.

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[Crew to Follow] – Brigita | WOC

Sometimes in life you find people who make you want to live life more fully and completely just because of the sheer zest with which they lead their own lives. Often in life we tend to make excuses for ourselves or sometimes we are too scared to go out of comfort zone; ‘I lead such a busy life, I don’t have time for this’  or ‘I have never worn a dress like, I don’t think I should buy it.’ I am sure a lot of times most of us find ourselves telling us these things. But, then sometimes you come across people who manage to fight all of this and actually live life. In today’s blog we will talk about one such person who manages to live her life doing what she loves to do. This week our #crewtofollow is Brigita from Emirates.

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Discover the process of creating Jetlagged-comics – Part 2 | WOC

It’s Sunday and as promised we bring to you the second part of our interview with Kelly from Jetlagged-comics. Kelly’s comics give us a sneak peak into sometimes upside-down lives of flight attendants. While they are kind of informative for non-crew, they are amazingly relatable for all flight attendants. In today’s blog, we will find out more about the process of creating every flight attendant’s favorite Jetlagged comics.

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