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Premium Benefits

For as little as 3€ per month or 30€ per year you can unlock all the discounts from World Of Crew.

Here are the 3 reasons you should become premium:

  1. Twice more offers accessible worldwide
  2. Get the value of your membership back with the first discount you use
  3. Show your support and help us build your dream program

App Pricing


Free Access

Full access to discounts upto 20%


Per Month

Access to all World of Crew Premium discounts


Per Year

Access to all World of Crew premium discounts

How does it work

Android Users

Android Users

For android users, the payment in managed via In App Purchased.

it’s directly connected to your Google Pay Account where you can manage:

  • Memeberships
  • Cancellation
  • Refunds
Iphone User

Iphone User

For IOS users, the payment in managed via Stripe & Apple Pay.

  • If Apple Pay is activated with your account no need to add your credit card detail or else
  • If Apple Pay is not activated we’re using stripe one of the most efficient online payment gateway on the market
Subscriptions & Memberships

Subscriptions & Memberships

Subscriptions are automatic.

You’ll receive an email before the date of the renewal to confirm it or not. You can at any time cancel it via the email you received or directly contacting our team at


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